August 30, 2006

From Andrew Johnson:

Re: A trip to cannibal country (Aug. 29): You? published this rubbish?

Yes, and in Jayapura there is a travel agent who for $1500 promises visitors will get to meet genuine head-hunters. The fact that sciencists since 1870 have been trying to dispell this mythos does not seem to have discouraged these tourist operators nor the Freeport McMoRan and Rio-Tinto and other mines digging up West Papua in cooperation with their TNI military General business partners from Asia.

There has never been any evidence discovered to support your assertains about the indigenous Australian of West Papua, during the fifty or sixty thousand years that they have occupied Australia both before & after the raising sea levels split it into todays three parts of Tasmania, the arid mainland, and New Guinea; there has never been a period during which anyone needed to resort to the eating of human flesh which a few Malya & Polynesian cultures adopted.

Before your magazine published propaganda about the “stone-age“, or “primitives“, or “head-hunters“, or “cannibals“ of West Papua. . . . . . could you PLEASE first read the US government & UN records about West Papua to understand why a group of US corporations want to paint West Papuans as savage sub-humans unworthly of the “self determination“ rights written into the United Nations charter & Human Rights Declaration etc.

Information Kit:

I would greatly appreciate a display of integrity if you would publish a retraction at least until such time as the TNI and Jakarta allow free media and NGO access to investigate if such claims of cannibal cultures are valid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raffaele has turned up in Australia, at the centre of a wonderful controversy about the same story. He has managed to sell it to television twice over -

I've written about it here.

- david tiley

September 21, 2006 9:44 AM  

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