August 20, 2006

From Brian Blankenship:

Re: “Toxic en­vi­ron­ment” mak­ing kids fat, study claims (Aug. 11): I agree completely. America's leading food producing removes fiber and adds artificial flavoring and other crap we don't really need, which in turn makes us fat and addicted to it. My theory is that they are doing this deliberately, and I mean, they know what this does. They deliberately put sugars and fatty substances into our foods to make us addicted, which causes people to want to buy more of their foods. I have a thought however... is there a way to suppress the effects of Dopamine and insulin? Doing this may make people less addictive to foods and in turn, allows Leptin to work correctly. However, I wouldn't say suppressing the insulin completely, because doing so may cause people to stop eating completely, because people would not longer have an urge to eat, thus starving themselves. People need some sort of addiction, but not a big one to cause obesity.

We have to do something about the overweight issues, I believe in the next decade, or generation, there will be very few athletic people, or healthy people for that matter. The business people don't care what happens to us, all they care about is money, which makes me angry. It hurts me to think that one day, there would be rarely any healthy people, which means people would lack the urge to mate and thus either almost or wiping out the human race because there would be nobody to populate the world. I honostly don't think there is a legal way to stop this. The government needs to stop this, not us, the non business people; we can't we aren't that powerful. The government, is taking away our ability to live freely in this world, to live persue happiness. Freedom would be gone, overweightness enslaving us, and we wouldn't be able to do the things we once loved.


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