August 22, 2006

From David Barclay:

Re: Stu­pen­dous crash proves “dark mat­ter” ex­ists, as­tronomers claim (Aug. 21): In my o­pin­ion this ar­ti­cle is pure bull­sh*t...... if they don’t know what it is, how could they pos­si­bly prove it ex­ists...... would they e­ven know it if they fell o­ver it. I don’t think so. Dark mat­ter and dark en­er­gy were in­vented to ex­plain what could not oth­er­wise be ex­plained, just like neu­tri­nos if you know the sto­ry be­hind that lit­tle slight of hand trick­...... there was no mis­sing en­er­gy to be ac­counted for in the first place, just a lack of un­der­stand­ing of the sit­u­a­tion.


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