August 30, 2006

From Glenda Blackwell:

Re: Jilted dogs feel intense jealousy, study finds (Aug. 22): I am a cat owner and I have experienced ”jealousy” in a cat. This particular cat spent a lot of time with me from birth. I carried him in a shoulder bag and we would go window shopping and visiting together and he slept at the end of my bed. As he grew up he would act in a sexual manner towards me, rubbing himself on my legs. When I would go to go out without him he would literally go and sit in the middle of the road almost as if to say ”if you’re going I’ll sit here and you’ll be sorry.” More strikingly if I had a male visitor he would sit in a tree near my patio watching closely. After a prescribed amount of time (approximately an hour) he would jump down and scratch and claw the unfortunate male’s legs. When I started a new job which involved some travel, the first time I was away for 2 days ( he was being fed by a friend) I returned to find he had disappeared and never saw him again.


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