August 30, 2006

From Ronald Van Hook:

Re: Race not just a “social construct,” studies suggest (Jan. 31, 2005): I look at racial differences from a ‘common sense’ stand point. When the visible and physiological differences are obvious between differing races, so must there also be a genetic difference. If two colors of paint have been applied to two separate automobiles, wouldn’t one with half a mind conclude that this final differing color exists as a result of different compounds that exist in the paint itself?

Regardless of how insignificant that or those variations in gene patterns may seem amongst different races of human, when a rat is 95% the equivalent of the human, the conclusions that one must derive seem obvious.

Conclusion: The most obscure genetic differences between races make the individual races what they are and account for the variations that obviously exist. A .01% to 3% difference from a genetic standpoint is a huge gap. (Referring to the original 99.9% similarity theory as compared to the recent findings showing only 97% similarities)

Scientists need to work on this. This needs to be narrowed down. I believe the orchestrater of the 99.9% theory has some agenda he is attempting to propagate.


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