October 27, 2006

From David MacDonald:

Re: Math vs. vampires: vampires lose (Oct. 25): This is a cute lesson in exponential math but falls short for several reasons. First of all, you can’t prove that something supernatural can’t exist using math or science, since by definition the supernatural doesn’t obey these laws. Secondly, the classic vampires which are referred to (eg. Bram Stocker) are only created when a person drinks a vampires blood, not vice versa. Most victims of vampires are just drained of blood and eaten by the wolves. Dracula is described as feeding his future companions blood from his breast, in a morbid allusion to mother’s milk. And also, people can kill vampires too which would eventually keep the two populations in balance. In fact all they would have to do is kill the first one (with a Bowie knife?) and that would be it.

As for the ghosts the first argument still holds true. Also, ghosts are described as being able to walk through walls in spots where there were no walls during the persons life. The ghost simply follows the path the person did in life, so it could also walk through floors to as has been described in accounts of seeing ghosts submerged into a floor where the ground was lower during its life. Therefore there is no contradiction in terms of Newtonian physics here.

And for the zombie bit the authors could have saved themselves some time if they just watched the movie “The Serpent and the Rainbow”.


Blogger FutureQ said...

I'm with you on a least the lore of vampires not being taken into account by the study. However, you can't possibly really believe in ghosts do you? Before I get into why they simply cannot exist I'd like to just ask you to consider "why should they exist?", "what the heck is their purpose?", "how would this phenomena evolve?", "if evolved what intermediate stages could you show to also have existed prior and for what purpose?". Supposing they do exist can you imagine a more terrible fate for each of us than to become some disembodied spirit, incapable of physical interaction with loved ones, doomed to forever roam, and not really travel the world or space and time but be confined to, some haunt? C'mon!

Ghosts, indeed non corporeal energy only beings of any kind, simply cannot exist because they defy the laws of physics. Energy by itself cannot hold information without first being modulated [shaped] by a device made of matter. Energy is uniform or homogeneous. It would require some differential within it to even have the simplest of information storage capabilities, i.e. binary. Your brain modulates the electricity that circuits your neurons giving rise to your consciousness. Destroy that matter and the electricity returns to the environment without anything within it that represents an individual being. Does the 110 power running through your computer hold data?

Sure, radio waves modulated by a radio transmitter do hold information but it requires a receiver to translate. demodulate, that into useful information. Where is the transmitter/receiver for ghosts? The amount of storage required to entail an entire human beings life and memories and indeed, considering some reports image of physical form, would be several giga terra flops!

Ghosts are nothing more than brain hiccups, small temporal lobe seizures that occur when susceptible people, especially epileptics, encounter Earths magnetic anomalies and increasingly today our myriad sources of electronic noise. This explains why not everyone sees ghosts. It also explains why stone buildings that are enormous sources of magnetic interference, such as old castles, have higher reports of sightings. They and the impetus for religion are tricks of the mind and we'd all be better off if people would grow the hell up and get with reality.


November 20, 2006 12:46 AM  

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