October 02, 2006

From William Hohmann:

Re: Burglars found to be as skilled as pilots (Sept. 27): “Bur­glars pre­fer res­i­dents to be at home asleep, as this en­sures valu­a­bles such as wal­lets, hand­bags and jew­el­lery are in the house.”

Not so in the USA. Burglars know many residents in the USA possess firearms, and are much more likely to get shot. Home intrusions with the resident there are a fraction of these occurences elsewhere for this very reason.

BTW: I’ve had quite a number of Brits and Ausies who have moved here come through my classes. They didn’t like living in countries where the government gives the advantage to the criminals.

William Hohmann
Certified handgun instructor


Blogger @bdul muHib said...

Wouldn't that be a bit of a biased sample? I mean, come on, someone in your class is going to apriori be in favor of seeing gun ownership as "not giving the advantage to the criminals".

October 02, 2006 4:54 PM  

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