November 19, 2006

From Avery Moore:

Re: Cleansing nuclear fallout from the body (Nov. 13): Your article on was indeed interesting, if incomplete.

Assume a procedure to allow such particles to be excreted succeeds. Where do such radioactive particles then go? Given current medieval standards of water purification and the bizarre practice of dumping human wastes and countless other toxins back into the the food chain: that’s where they will go.

Affecting lower organisms first, over time the radiation will come back up the food chain and contaminate countless other generations, and countless more species. If works like this project are to succeed we must halt contamination of the food chain. Not just present contingency plans should some nutbar arrive with a remotely plausible suitcase full of trouble. As commendable as it is to strive to purge humans of unwanted and deadly contaminants, like depleted uranium, the question remains are we solving the problem or just moving it?

Avery Moore
Victoria, BC


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