November 27, 2006

From Bob Scott:

Re: Pot may be both good and bad, researchers say (Nov. 25): In the article it is quoted: “Cannabinoids are the most widely used drugs of abuse” - IMHO this statement is blatantly incorrect.

Alcohol and tobacco are certainly far more widely abused, and dangerous drugs than cannabinoids. They kill more, make more seriously ill, and have infinitely higher costs to the health-care system.

It’s “high time” [no pun intended] that the truth about alcohol, and tobacco use, were faced for what they are by the “main-stream” society, law-makers, and enforcement officials.

The scientists, too, need to quit trying to prove that “pot” is harmful, and instead direct their energies to proving, and educating all of society as to the harm caused by alcohol, and tobacco.


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