November 09, 2006

From James Swayze:

Re: Study: dinos took repeat pounding before final exit (Oct. 26): Kellor is close but no cigar yet. At least she is on the right track to put this pig of a theory to rest.

No the meteor that caused the Chixalub crater did not end the dinosaurs, but neither did the second impact that Kellor notes. Look, it’s quite simple but why these so called learned scientists don’t see it is quite beyond me. I guess they just try to make things too complicated.

Simply put, if the so called KT boundary layer is evidence of a meteor/comet dino killer, then we should see the layer actually associated with it’s victims. It is not! It is instead overwhelmingly found several meters above the last dino bones!

Picture it in your own mind. If a meteor hit us today would you not expect that in a year or two when the dust fallout came back down that it would land directly on the legacies of human existence, like cars and trucks and b building? Wouldn’t you expect it also to be found beneath some of these vehicle, about dino size, where rain runoff had caused it to flow into and around and beneath the rusting hulks?

Likewise, if the only animals left to eat the huge dino carcasses that allegedly must needs have been lying about in supposed abundance during a dust layer caused freeze, were shrew to mink sized early mammals and such, then they could not have dis articulated such huge remains. Thus there should be lots and lots of well articulated dino bones lying about directly associated with the KT Boundary (iridium dust laden) Layer running straight through them. Furthermore, as they thawed with the fallout, the fallout actually aiding the thaw by darkening the snow layered upon the carcasses thus soaking up the sun’s energy, it would produce muddy runoff of the dust that would then run through and underneath the carcasses.

It is plain as day! The dinos were dead long before the eventual impact/s. I get so sick and tired of every science documentary just blithely stating as fact that a meteor caused the 65 million years old extinction. It does not stand simple logic!


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