January 02, 2007

From Charles Sifers:

Re: Surprises in comet dust (Dec. 14): I was not surprised to see the findings from comet Wild 2. Nor was I surprised to see that those studying it have continued to follow a failed paradigm. The fact that there were a great abundance of near Sol particles is exactly what is predicted by James McCanney’s Plasma Discharge Comet Model. In fact, everything we have learned with our close encounters with comets has been predicted by Mr McCanney’s theories (www.jmccanneyscience.com). Isn’t it time to admit that we have been wrong, and stop wasting time and resources following an incorrect hypothesis? Science should not be a religion based on dogma. The truth is available and I would think any true scientist would be more interested in the truth than reinforcing a construct that simply supports the current power structure. Please make yourself aware of Mr. McCanney’s work, and consider the possibility of stepping out of the herd and actually bringing new ideas to light.


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