February 24, 2007

From Dingo Discovery Centre:

Re: For some species, an upside to inbreeding (Feb. 5): The story on the inbred fish is similar to that for the Australian dingo. DNA sampling shows that all dingoes in Australia descend from a single female, maybe even pregnant on arrival in Australia some 5 - 10, 000 years ago. These wonderful animals have a social system to be marvelled at, and when it comes to parenting have no betters. Communal rearing of young, with non breeding females lactating and assisting with feeding and caring duties. Males nurturing and caring, regurgitating food, uncles babysitting. The list goes on. Strangers - canines not of the immediate family - are repelled.

Perhaps some interested scientist would care to undertake a study, but this would have to be in the very near future. NSW Govt. Gazette for October 06 shows that Govt Department has issued orders for 5 years aerial baiting with 1080 over the entire state, including National Parks, where previously dingoes have enjoyed protection. This will spell the extinction of the secies there, as well as the remaining states with similar regimes.

Dingo Discovery Centre
Toolern Vale, Victoria, Australia
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