March 17, 2007

From April Pedersen: Junk science at World Science

I’ve never seen such a ridiculous collection of junk science in my life. What a load of hooey. Fish with logic? Birds with grammar? Empathy in mice? A strain of perpetually “happy” mice? a “trust hormone”? Scientist have lost their minds. What a bunch of idiotic crack pots. These nutty scientists justify such stupid research by promising it may help “humans” someday. Wrong. It’s all pointless trash. I bet you think people are nothing but gene & hormone controlled apes, where everything we do has a hard-wired, evolutionary explanation.

You probably don’t believe in free will. Love is just oxytocin, remorse is yet another hormone, as is creativity, patriotism, pride, humility, and a fondness for Country Western music. On top of this, “researchers” are shamelessly anthropomorphizing animals, saying birds have grammar, rats laugh, baboons mourn the dead like we do. What a load of dung!

Let’s see an animal join the Red Cross. Let’s see an animal fight for civl liberties. Let’s see an animal laugh at the punch line of a joke or cry tears of sorrow during a sad movie. Or weep at a wedding. Or even have a wedding. Or a divorce. Or play a game of chess. Or Scrabble. Or write a letter to the editor. Or wonder where the universe came from. I’m SICK of scientists always trying to reduce people down to genes and instincts while elevating animals to our levels. I’m sick of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Scientists are comparing animals to people too much. Then they turn around and use genes and hormones to explain US.

Rarely will scientists say rats behave like chimps, or dolphins are flippered hippos. It's always "chimps, rats, dolphins, birds. etc. behave like US." Or We're the naked apes, while chimps are never said to be tail-less monkeys.

Anyways, there ARE a lot of silly studies taking place.

March 18, 2007 1:36 PM  

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