March 17, 2007

From yousa ybe us@yah oo .com:

Re: Angry God, angry people (Feb. 28):

“To the ex­tent re­li­gious ex­trem­ists en­gage in pro­longed, se­lec­tive read­ing of the scrip­tures, fo­cus­ing on vi­o­lent ret­ri­bu­tion to­ward unbe­liev­ers in­stead of the over­all mes­sage of ac­cept­ance and un­der­stand­ing,” wrote Bush­man, “one might ex­pect to see in­creased bru­tality.”

What proof is there that the “overall message” is one of acceptance and understanding? This is simply Bushman’s prejudiced presumption.


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