April 30, 2007

From D. K. Khurana:

Re: “Stolen” memories investigated (Jan. 21, 2006): Often I have observed this phenomemon among friends also. But more often with talkative friend who are either weak in IQ or strong in IQ rather than with average IQ people. The more the talkative a person, more tendency of his is to stole this memory. But often these are the bad or good memories I can’t say, but quite often these are the memories which have been repeatedly told over time at the time of its happening or later, so that their registry level is repeted rather than occuring only once.

D. K. Khurana
Senior Scientist/Professor (Forestry)
Secretary - Indian Society of Tree Scientists
Chief Editor - Journal of Tree Sciences
Dept. of Tree Improvement,College of Forestry,
Dr. Y. S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry,
Nauni (Solan)-173 230, H.P., India


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