April 30, 2007

From Harry Clift:

Re: Ethanol vehicles pose health risk, study finds (April 18): Widespread use of Ethanol saves human lives, protects the environment and prevents property damage as compared to the EV alternative by methods delineated below. Annually electricity contributes 30-50 tons pollution per person, West coast to East coast data. www.cal.gov, www.epa.gov. The environmental damage of electrical pollution is well documented. Good clean electricity is produced by dirty ole power plants and/or EV IC engines. Three power companies contribute more pollution annually in America than all other sources combined: AEP, The Southern Company, AEP. www.epa.gov

With the exception of Exide employees, Mr. Jacobson stands alone with the perception that batteries are a clean energy source. Less than 1% of electricity is cleanly produced by hydro, pumped storage, wind, and solar. Not a single EV is powered by hydro, solar, wind. Some laboratory test and competition vehicles are powered with solar, wind, or hydro. Not to ignore falsely fabricated EPA mileage ratings for EV’s but rather to consider actual vehicle performance reported by real owners, a high powered corvette is less pollutant per mile than any of the available EVs on the public market.

Electrical house fires alone destroy 300, 000 homes annually in the US resulting in 3000 deaths each year. Katrina and Rita did less damage and are not repeated annually. www.nfpa.org

States like Mississippi and Tennessee report the annual death rate and cost of electrical “accidents” second only to auto accidents. Data for each year varies slightly by state. The damage is consistently repeatable when state totals are summed.

Totally discredit is due the absent minded Jacobson. The public and government (words of Mr. Ali Gore) anticipated this type misleading dis-information and are rather dismayed at release delay. Self-proclaimed and grossely over-educated atmos­pher­ic sci­ent­ist Mark Z. Ja­cob­son of Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty in Stan­ford, Calif. was grosely inaccurate and less than thorough to conclude, “There are al­ter­na­tives, such as battery-electric, plug-in-hybrid and hydrogen-fu­el cell ve­hi­cles, whose en­er­gy can be de­rived from wind or so­lar pow­er,” he added. “These ve­hi­cles pro­duce vir­tu­al­ly no tox­ic emis­sions or green­house gas­es and cause very lit­tle dis­rup­tion to the land.”

Stanford University receives massive grants annually from OPEC countries, Saudi & Kuwait. US import tariffs on Brazilian ethanol subsidize OPEC oil at $0. 46 per gallon.

Harry Clift
Bristol, Tennessee


Blogger Crafton said...

Volunteers in the Tennessee state honorably pay an extra $5/mo for green power from TVA. www.TVA.gov Science classes in Tenn schools produce some solar electric. TVA is also installing a wind farm generator. Both solar and wind combined generate less power than the Gore mansion uses as delineated on www.tva.gov Are Greenies getting ripped off paying an extra $5/mo to TVA for green power.

May 01, 2007 10:38 PM  
Blogger Crafton said...

After creating statewide destruction, the electrical fire sweeping through Georgia is now being blamed on arson. The switch will save Gawgha Power millions in liability damage to homes, farms, and lost lives. The stats will not be charged against electricity.

May 01, 2007 11:11 PM  
Blogger CornStoves said...

Wasteful, hazardous, and environmental damaging is the indirect conversion of heat to electricity (75% loss)and back to energy with additional loss. Hybrid electric vehicles are no exception. Convenience is costly. Eighteen million dollars damage from an electrical power pole continues to escalate in Georgia. Damage so extensive is now being blamed on arson to divert liability to non-existant ones. Hidden cost are not included.

Auto accidents are the single most dangerous event on planet earth. Second to automobiles,Electricity is the second leading annual cause of death and property damage.

Electric vehicles and hybrid EV combine the most hazardous energy source with the most hazardous means of transportation. Only a rich OPEC tycoon would hide the connection or fail to join the dots.

The Georgia Power Electrical accident continues to destroy hundreds of acres of vegetation, dozens of Georgia homes and but only a few human lives. This single electrical incident exceeds the theoratical and unsubstantianted damage calculated for ethanol through year 2025. Solid particulate, CO, CO2 effluents from the raging electrical fire present a health hazard which humans have been unable to abate or estimate. Grid Electricity as delivered is less than 25% efficient with 50% of US total electricity produced by coal in a dirty ole electrical power plant.

Major death and destruction from electrical blackouts in California, New York, Virginia, Florida, La, Mi, Ga, Canada to NY, were blamed on weather or tree limbs.

Underground electrical cables could prevent tree limb damage and most electrical safety hazards. Common sense suggestions: Underground electrical cables, local ethanol, backup emergency energy, local energy, local solar, local wind, local hydro, direct conversion of energy to heat rather than conversion from heat to electricity and back to heat.

Wasteful, hazardous, and environmental damaging is the indirect conversion of heat to electricity (75% loss)and back to energy with additional loss. Convenience is costly.

May 02, 2007 1:02 PM  

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