May 22, 2007

From Boris Artemenko:

Re: What is consciousness? Study aims to settle debate (May 20): Once again it is clear that our scientists are skeptics in their vast majority and prone to make facts fit theories they somehow form previously...

Man is not a machine and each man, in his individuality, develops a unique degree in the use of his capabilities.

Consciousness is the awareness of beingness. How it functions depends on the uniqueness of the individual and depends on intangible factors that cannot be generalized in laboratory tests or experiments because no one fits a preestablished formula. This mecanicistic view has more than been proved an utter fallacy which those scientists continue to pursue.

That there is a basic sameness in the way the body through its systemic interlacing of all organic and energy functions becomes and perceives itself to be alive, is a fact that doesn´t need any laboratorial research. They themselves, those know-alls should clearly realize that if they only look at themselves in a mirror, lol

The capacity to use this pseudo mechanic consciousness or awareness of beingness stop right there and then follows completely unique lines. Some people think, others research, others are pretentious in trying to regulate the whys and hows of it... and all these depend on a multitude of factors that are not tangible nor general, they are unique to each individual, and even age is still a factor to contend with, especially of the older generations.

The academic millieu unfortunately is one that has become less and less capable of consciousness to its fullest... because the expansion of this capacity in humans obeys only the laws of cause and effect as dictated by each humans open-mindedness to such awareness, and the academic curricula usually close the mind onto a very rigid and limited path or course.

The human being acquires uniqueness of consciousness when he/she realizes the whole, and not the parts as these scientists do. Even animals in our age are acquiring more consciousness of themselves and their growing interaction with humans (also animals of a higher level of evolution?), than those scientists who seek to reduce mankind to a robotic set of laws of behaviour.

Spsirituality not spiritualism is the real evaluator of consciousness. And spirituality is not produced in a laboratory according to mechanistic laws or theories. It is the current result of the balance each individual achieves of the interaction of body (the physical constituents including the brain); the mental (including emotional and intelelectual vision) and the soul (a complex concept of what makes us all tick whether of divine or natural origin, lol). Everybody has spirituality in a unique degree, some more “consciously” than others, lol

Many live out their lives to unconscious patterns despite the fact that they have an equivalent close-minded and skeptic spirituality. For these, the fact that they are “alive” is the sum total of their consciousness as this article proposes. Others presume to be far more advanced and so forth. For a comment I have gone far enough. Thank you.

Boris Artemenko
São Paulo, Brazil


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