May 22, 2007

From Renee Fears:

Re: What is consciousness? Study aims to settle debate (May 20): I love that people are growing more interested in the proof of existence after this physical one. I will always believe it is true; I’ve had too many experiences pertaining to said same to consider anything else. I thought you may think this interesting pertaining to your research and maybe give you a little bit of a different direction to puruse it from, if not anything else. Very briefly, without alot of details:

At 2 years old I fell down a concrete stairwell about 6 to 8 feet up. I fell flat on my face, airborn, as I was walking the ledge. For years up until about 38 actually, everytime I recalled this accident which made me stutter until 5 or 6 years old, broke 2 bones in my nose, and killed all the nerves in my teeth, (to this day I’ll just have a tooth showing no decay suddenly break in half and its black on the inside then will continue to change and discolor after its cracked open like an egg)it was always the same view. I am looking at myself upon the floor of the stairwell. I could actually lay down on the floor and show you what I looked like on the concrete below, as I was about half the distance above me up the stairwell. It was a totally ‘aerial view’, if you will. I remember thinking, its ok, I’m alright, Moms not gonna be mad, I didnt get hurt. Then suddenly as I’m thinking this I feel something slipping from under me. It felt as if you were being suspended by cobwebs, an d yo u were suddenly too heavy and they began to give. I felt them stretching, and suddenly, they gave, and I fell again; twice that day actually. The second time I fell, well, you felt that and I assure I did get hurt, as you heard earlier. That first breath I took I’ll never ever forget, it hurt so so bad. It was all I could do to scream and it took a bit. Turn around time at this point I couldnt tell you. The Dr. I saw, Dr. Pierce, is long since dead as I’m 43 now. The original accident was in the year 1966, as I would turn three in November of that year, my birthday eing 11/27/63. Just wanted you to know and also remember that ‘near death experiences’ without having a major physical condition or terminal illness, should also be considered.


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