August 13, 2007

From Charlie Miller:

Re: What? Where? When? Some animals may know (Aug. 12): The male human species can easily and readily be seduced by the female species anywho, anywhere, anywhen, anywhat. The female human species, however, can only be successfully fertile based on the clock. When is totally time dependent with no basis for male selection (who), location (where), or (what) detection procedures are followed.

Sorry to upset the mouse’s nest, but the survival of the species is totally dependent on the inherited ability to reproduce. A cherry abides by the same ill logical conclusion. Fertilization occurs when blooms are receptive. The ability of a cherry tree to propagate following full blossom, like with the human species, requires no intelligence. As with the human male species, there is often an associated lapse of memory, exaggeration of memory, or warped memory of the occasion. The Memphis professor would do well to make a profession.


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