August 13, 2007

From J. Moorcroft:

Re: What? Where? When? Some animals may know (Aug. 12): It seems to me that scientists who question the consciousness of animals have never lived closely with animals such as parrots or dogs. I am a lawyer and not a scientist, and have a lawyer’s natural (and justified) reticence about giving myself out as an expert in disciplines other than my own, but really!!!

I have seen animals do things that clearly illustrates a sense of self - awareness and advance planning.

Just one example that I have witnessed myself: A friend keeps dogs and never lets them into the house. His wife is more soft hearted and often lets them in however, and of course the dogs like nothing better than tasting the forbidden fruit. Their parrot would then use this scenario to its best advantage: It calls the dogs into the house using her voice, and once they come running in chase them out using his voice.

What do scientists who question animal awareness make of this???


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