August 25, 2007

From Roger Rydin:

Re: Gaping “hole” in the cosmos found (Aug. 23): If you have looked at any of my recent Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) papers, (Available in published Proceedings) you will see that I have analyzed the Broadhurst, Koo, etc. deep redshift pencil surveys in 6 directions, plus the general SDSS Sloan Survey. They show a highly cross-correlated spherical distribution of galaxies around a center in the direction of Virgo, with a density decreasing as approximately 1/r2, with a periodicity of about 400 million light years superimposed upon it. There are voids between the annular galaxy clumps, the first of which is the Great Wall.

This is totally at odds with the Big Bang assumptions of a homogeneous, isotropic distribution, expanding uniformly without having a center, i.e., totally at odds with a General Relativity solution. I have posted a summary of these papers on Sepp Hasslberger’s website, The Big Bang in Controversy, dated March 14, 2007, which also has a pdf copy of a full paper.

Roger Rydin
Associate Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering
University of Virginia


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