August 13, 2007

From Steve Knight:

Re: Blacks who kill whites most likely to be executed, study finds (July 30): The notion that Blacks are executed at a higher rate than whites has been around for some time. Hopefully this latest round of statistics avoids the reality that blacks commit crimes at a higher rate than the white population, because if the statistics are reflecting that, of course it looks as if blacks are getting executed more frequently.

Bias toward criminals. Boo Hoo. Lets all hug. In this case it seems like the real bias is a wrong-headed positive bias toward white criminals to let them escape with lesser sentences. Black capital criminals, just as ALL capital criminals, should indeed get executed immediately after a brief mandatory appeal to carry out their right to a speedy trial and sentence. News flash... so should all other criminals of any race, color or belief system. We should practice equal opportunity in this area in an effective and steadfast manner. Now that DNA and other forensic evidentiary techniques are in reliable use, all proven criminals who murder, rape and otherwise violate the largely unprotected rights of VICTIMS should be summarily executed.

Execution does not deter, it does not bring back murder victims. It does not provide adequate revenge. But it does do that one necessary thing that makes it all worth it: An executed criminal never commits another crime. Ever.

How about a statistical analysis of which races crimes are committed against? Are blacks committing more crimes against whites than they do blacks? As I understand it, they are not. News flash #2... black victim’s families want the black murderers executed also. Nearly 90 percent of the families of murder victims want the criminals executed. White, Black, Tan and Yellow. Enough biased studies on bias. let’s spend the money on executions.


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