August 25, 2007

From Thomas M. Wnorowski:

Re: Behind school shootings, rejection and anger (Aug. 20): If we were to look into the backgrounds of school shooters, we would find that many, if not most, of them have taken psychotropic drugs at some time prior to their deeds.

I had worked in the public education system for thirty-nine years before retirement, and had seen scores of children who were rejected. In my early years, children learned to cope with rejection by asserting themselves with the help of teacher intervention. Today, too many children take psychotropic drugs to deal with a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, when dietary interventions would work just as well. I, myself, have helped dozens of youngsters wean from these often unneeded medications.

There is research to support my stand. Some may be found here.

Dr. Thomas M. Wnorowski
Clinical Nutrition Counselor


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