September 04, 2007

From Elizabeth Hensley:

Re: Finding said to show “race isn’t real” scrapped (Sept. 3): I am GLAD there are different races. As one who believes in Rodddenberry’s IDIC, we can’t have “infinite diversity in an infinite combinations” if there is no real diversity.

It is known certain races need more of certain nutrients than other races. Whites need more folic acid. Blacks need to ingest in more Vitamin D because they can’t absorb as much through their skin. Lack of vitamin D during fetal development has been linked to higher levels of schizophrenia but many blacks are lactose intolerant and cannot ingest the milk that is our societies common source of it, other than sun light. Lack of folic acid during fetal development can cause neuron tube defects. It is not doing either race any good to pretend these different nutritional needs don’t exist. Any Human’s suffering effects all of us. I’m white but I’m not comforted by knowing blacks are suffering mentally because no one dares acknowledge their extra need for a supplement that would cost pennies a day.

What was said about protecting races that are going extinct also is important. There are hardly any pure bred Polynesians left on certain Hawaiian Islands. They are such a pretty people both in flesh and spirit! It would be sad if we lost them all. If folks are even afraid to admit there is a problem because they are seen as unscientific or racist as they bring it up, that’s not helping the situation. We cannot and absolutely should NOT stop humans from falling in love across races. But still, we don’t want subspecies of panthers and sparrows to go extinct, and we should value our own differences just as much and find some solution without stopping the hybrids who also have much value. I do not know what the solution is but if no one is able to talk about it, there will be none.


Blogger ScienceTeacher said...

Excellent reference to the IDIC philosophy. Political correctness should never trunp scientific truth! Prosperity and Long Life to you, Elizabeth !

March 26, 2009 6:15 PM  

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