October 04, 2007

From Alberto Portugheis:

Re: Good fences make good neighbors, scientists find (Sept. 13): Your piece on the above mentioned subject makes me sick, apart from being very disappointing. The last thing I’d have expected from World of Science is a war-promoting piece of news.

New Eng­land Com­plex Sys­tems In­sti­tute is located, as you know, in Cambridge, Mass. The whole Boston area, you must also know, , with MIT at the lead, is home to scientists dedicated to create wars in the world. A majority of military contracts, from the US Armed Forces, CIA and FBI, go to scientists in Mass.

Not only weapons, but new materials for uniforms that soldiers will wear in the future, when fighting wars in hot countries or in space, are being developed in Mass.

The article claims researchers say: “par­tial separa­t­ion with un­clear bound­aries fos­ters con­flict”. It proceeds to give as an example former Yugoslavia and India. What the researchers fail to describe is how well and happy people different ethnic groups live together, until politicians, forced by their paymasters or controllers, the Church, Banks, Freemasonry, weapon manufacturers, corporate Press, etc, educate societies to prepare them for war, then organize the war.

Countries big and small, whether occupied by people from the same religion or 30 different religions, live together, have no problem in living in Peace, but they are not allowed to do so. WHO buys the weapons for the Armed Forces? WHO trains and pays Armed Forces personnel? WHO decides “we’ll have a war”? the People????? NEVER !!!!!! do soldiers follow “Peoples’ instructions”? NEVER. Wars exist because Governments and politiciasns want them.

Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, Macedonians, lived all together in Peace for many years.come US and EU, tell them - and help them - to separate and that’s it: wars starts. US Governments follow the Roman’s - and the Vatican’s - law “Divide and Rule”. This is the best way to keep the War Machine going and making lots of money.

In Britain, the Pakistani and Indian military train in the same schools, spend their study time together, have their meals together, at weekends go to the cinema together, etc, but Governments spend money sending them to train, so that they can go back to their respective countries and kill each other.

Why don’t you tell scientists at NECSI to study politicians’ minds? to see why they are so avid for power and fame? why they are prepared to corrupt themselves in order to gain fortunes, big and small? Tell scientists to study WHY politicians and Churches do everything they can, through education, to keep societies divided? why couldn’t scientists analize WHY politicians insist on giving an education to children and teenagers that will make them violent, lovers of violence and weapons?

Well, much more I could write, but it is time I stop. My blood’s starting to boil.


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