October 21, 2007

From Joanne Conington:

Re: Hormone found to predict mother-child bonding (Oct. 15): I’m surprised you highlighted the maternal bonding result - it has been well-known in the animal world for a few decades or more that oxytocin plays a pivotal role in maternal behaviours so it’s unsurprising that it happens to humans as well. Also - animals with higher litter sizes have higher circulating oxytocin levels - so studies between twin-rearing mums and single-baby rearing mums will probably show higher maternal behaviours for twins vs singles. Surely the human science world has done worlk on this??? As a scientist, and a Mother of both a set of twins and then a single baby - I am testimony to this finding!

Joanne Conington
Bush Estate
Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland


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