October 21, 2007

From Liz Hensley:

Re: Nobel scientist suspended from job over race comments (Oct. 18): Concerning James Watson’s comments concerning women having the right to abort gay babies. Homosexuals quite naturally won’t want babies aborted just because they are gay and will do what they could and should to put a stop to that. But right now in many parts of the world, women can abort for any reason what-so-ever including the mere inconvenience of carrying a child for nine months. It is going to be a VERY interesting political situation with unusual alliances formed when (and I say when, not if) we do find a prenatal test for gayness. Will people of the many faiths who believe not yet born babies have rights and homosexuals be teaming up to get laws passed protecting these not yet gay, but gonna-be kids? I believe they should. Science shows Life does not begin at conception: it continues at conception, one long, unbroken, evolutionary chain that goes back to the first self replicating cells and has not and will not stop until we evolve into Something powerful enough to preserve all life indefinitely. It is the hope and belief of faith that there is eternal and infinite life. It is the goal of science to make that belief reality. I do not know when links in that chain suddenly or gradually became, “Human” but we do know it happened long ago, and we are all precious and valuable, every last one of us, gay and straight. There are no other primates on Earth like us, and we are worth protecting.


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