October 28, 2007

From Marshall E. Deutsch:

Re: Nobel scientist suspended from job over race comments (Oct. 18): Thank you for giving me a chance to express my opinion on this without being smeared as a racist. I think “The Bell Curve” presents a good deal of evidence on racial differences in intelligence, and this is confirmed by the observations of Stephen Gould (who would smear me if he were alive and aware of my opinion) on the relationship between neoteny and intelligence and the fact that blacks mature faster than whites. He presented this evidence, but didn’t draw the obvious conclusion. When I discuss this subject, I try to address mainly the fact that certain Asian groups (Japanese in general, and certainly Asian immigrants to the U.S.) are obviously smarter on average than people of European descent. Of course, some of the most intelligent people I am aware of are blacks, e.g. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who claims that she does poorly on intelligence tests because of poor mathematical ability.

Marshall E. Deutsch
Sudbury, MA 01776-2328


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