October 28, 2007

From Pieter Folkens:

Re: Researchers: warming could cause mass extinction (Oct. 24): The presentation of the article on mass extinctions due to climate change was supremely disingenuous int he context of the modern global warming debate.

The predicted worst-case scenario coming from the IPCC is a sea level rise of less than 1 meter. The Late Holocene interstitial maximum was only 3 meters higher than now. The rise since the Pleistocene climate minimum was 125 meters, yet that rise caused no mass extinctions. Indeed, from the Late Pliocene to the present, swings of more than 100 meters in sea level flux occurred many times though which we have our modern species assemblage.

Considerable extinctions occur when there are greater climate swings of, say, 200 meter + as measured in sea level flux. Further, the extreme greenhouse effect at the KT boundary was caused by the mass extinction of dinosaurs, not the other way around. Many of us who rightly criticize the present global warming rancor note that everything about the paleo-record suggests warming comes first, followed by the increase in greenhouse gasses. The presentation of that article implies that continued global warming under present condition will result in mass extinctions. It won’t.


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