October 21, 2007

From Ross Blick:

Re: Nobel scientist suspended from job over race comments (Oct. 18): As a biologist and one who accepts evolution as a fact, in a similar vein to that of Earnst Mayr, I share Dr Watson’s view that distinct races exist in almost all species including Homo sapiens. The real question is not whether one race is more intelligent than another, as that question has no meaning, the question really is; How well adapted a particular race of humans is with respect to how well that race lives in harmony with its environment? As Dr Watson must realize, Americans cannot continue for much longer with their life style as the oil runs out. Just who will survive into the next century is a moot point. However all objective biologists accept that races vary in their fitness for survival, irrispective of whether they are blue-green algae, amphipods, or any other species of living organism.

Ross Blick
White Cliffs, NSW, Australia


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