November 03, 2007

From Hugh Waters:

Re: A predisposition to pedophilia? (Oct. 23): Pedophilia is not a physical sickness but rather a psychological lust acquired due to the conducive environment where this behavior derived. Say … a normal man visited/(stayed) in an island where sex are so liberal that even children of 9 – 12 years old are already hyper-active due to island culture and tradition. A normal man is just a victim of this particular culture and practice … where children of above ages are trying to seduce a male visitors to conduct a sexual playful act on their inquisitiveness or whatever. So a normal man tried to explore the possibility of giving them sexual satisfaction and these kids cooperate and enjoy such acts. On this particular stage a normal man discovered that sex are possible at their ages…. Acquired sexual satisfaction too…. A unique sexual satisfaction that hover and haunt the victim even after he return to the normal environment where sex with children is a crime.


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