November 03, 2007

From Kitty Antonik Wakfer:

Re: Humans go into heat after all, strip club study finds (Oct. 28): Very interesting study, the results of which make sense from an evolutionary view - an ovulating woman who is more sexually attractive to males has a greater chance of reproducing than a women who is less attractive. And those women who are uncomfortable during menstruation will likely not put the usual zest into their dancing and therefore be at least somewhat less sexually attractive than at other times in their cycle. Using the measure of economics was very insightful and logical since humans are capable of voluntary interaction (trade) to mutual benefit.

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Blogger Jim Pivonka said...

I have to point out, again, that this "study" was reported to be of only 18 self selected participants, that these participants were possibly not known by or validated by those who collected the data, and that the it covered only 2 cycles of the cyclical behavior it purported to demonstrate.

I don't think its worth much meditating over, howeve intuitive the conclusions may seem to some folks.

To meet any scientific standard at all it should cover at least 24 cycles, and include many more participants, none of whom knew the study even existed, or at least did not know what measures were being employed in it.

The data collection should be separated not only from the participants, but from those who design the study and analyze the data produced by it.

It's elementary. This study was not even worth reporting, IMHO.

November 03, 2007 9:42 AM  

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