November 06, 2007

From Nik van Larebeke:

Re: Nobel scientist suspended from job over race comments (Oct. 18): it could well be that Watson was right. But that a certain group of people is less intelligent on a series of parameters does not imply that these people are inferior. On other parameters they might be superior. If I remember well the American Academy of Science has, some decades ago, rendered more difficult research on the genetic basis of intelligence. I am of the opinion that taboos and “politically correct” thinking are harmfull to progress of humanity as they tend to slow down discovery of the truth and the acquisition of insights that in the long term are essential to avoid many sources of misery and conflicts.

Prof. Nik van Larebeke, MD.PhD.
Study Centre for Carcinogenesis
and Primary Prevention of Cancer
Ghent University, Belgium;
Founder & ex-member of the
committee on ethics of the Fédération
des Maisons Médicales
de la Belgique Francophone


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