November 03, 2007

From Ruth Rosin:

Re: Humans go into heat after all, strip club study finds (Oct. 28): The study in question jumps to rash, unwarranted conclusions. The menstrual cycle certainly affects a woman’s mood, and the effects differ during different stages of the cycle.

There is, however, no research that connects these different moods with sexual receptivity, and the probability of successful fertilization. The mood of a professional lap-dancer can, undoubtedly affect the quality of her dancing. For instance, when she feels happy and energetic, she may dance in a more attractive way. But this, does not mean that her mood is in any way associated with her sexual receptivity, or with her chance of becoming pregnant. In fact, it is not even certain that the effects of the menstrual cycle on women’s moods are the same for all women, or even the same for one and the same woman at different times.

For instance, I can easily imagine that for a woman who was hoping to become pregnant, the reccurrence of the cycle may result in depression, while for a woman who feared an unwanted pregnancy, the recurrence may cause joy.


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