December 02, 2007

From Catherine Greenup:

Re: Breakthrough may let scientists make stem cells on demand (Nov. 20): I hope this will prove to be a real break through for the millions suffering from various neuro diseases that cause devistation to the lives of the sufferers and their families; continuing often for decades of terrifying decline whilst the illness takes its evil course.

I myself suffer from Multiple Sclerosis; so my husband and I have first hand experience of the terror of these chronic illnesses. We have to try to LIVE these illnesses as best we can with so many barriers set in our way from many quarters.

We’ve all got our fingers and toes crossed for future real treatments and even dare to hope for a cure. We wish everyone well whom are involved in such precious research and I for one know you will succeed one day because failure is not an option that anyone can find and hope or faith in life in the present.


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