December 01, 2007

From Cecil Taitz:

Re: Why poor kids may make sicker adults (Nov. 7): The above discussion appears to contradict the thoughts of Professor Nick Lane in his book OXYGEN p333 where he writes:

A surprising number of longevity genes turned out to be linked with frailty earlier in life. In other words, people who are ill a lot in their youth are more likely than most to survive to a ripe old age, as long as they don’t die first. Yashin and De Benedictis attributed this durability of the weak to adaptation, or as Nietzche put it, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. So long as we avoid really serious illness, a weak disposition might perhaps lend itself to persistent immunosuppression, which reaps its reward in old age.

My query is whether so-called’ poor kids’ would fall under the above category?


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