December 22, 2007

From Charles Sifers:

Re: Global warming to worsen malnutrition: report (Dec. 12): I subscribe to your service (among others) because I am looking for the latest in new science announcements. I realize that Global Warming hysteria is the new rage, but it is hardly science.

Everything we read and hear is based on computer models, and to date, not a single model has been accurate in its prediction. Is there any reason for a science source to continue to promote something that has no basis in real science?

If you feel like you absolutely have to post some researchers computer simulation, could you at least post a real scientists’ rebuttal? If you are not aware of what real scientists are saying about the issue, I’ll be happy to forward those to you when I receive them. I expect you will check those sources as well as you check the sources that you post, now.

Please provide a link to which I can start contributing. I assure you that I would not share that with anyone, as I would hope that you would treat mine inn the same regard.

Thank you, and I look forward to contributing to the dissemination of real science.


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