December 21, 2007

From Jacob Silver:

Re: Google’s kinship with the mind (Dec. 5): The observation that the human mind seems to mimic the process used by Google simply raises the question: Did not humans create Google?

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Anonymous Savva said...

The word MIND is used in many postings sometimes as opposed to emotions, feelings, sensations, etc. and sometimes as the same as consciousness. It makes sense to define the term mind from biological and physical points of view.
I define mind as a part of the biofield control system of the organism functionally responsible for realization of fundamental programs of life in behavior.
Here is the postulated definition:
The Biofield Control System (BCS) is the operative control system of the organism. In BCS, the genetic information is re-encoded on some other than biochemical physical carrier. It evolves in ontogenesis into a hierarchy of subordinate BCS of the whole organism, organs, tissues and cells. At all levels it holds four fundamental programs of life: development, maintenance, reproduction, and death.
As an essential part of the BCS at the whole organism level, serving behavioral aspects of all fundamental programs the mind includes basic drives or “basic instincts” responsible for conservation of the individual, population and the species. Those include attraction to the food and opposite sex, avoidance of threats, sticking to the group (colony, biological population), etc. The mind holds memory and extracts meanings out of perceived information. It also includes programs prioritizing the organism’s reaction to changing internal and external conditions (i.e., how to behave when, for instance, hunger, threat to life and sexual drive act simultaneously). Development of the nervous system and the brain in the biological evolution only transformed the mind into consciousness adding self awareness.
The currently known fundamental physical forces and interactions cannot explain properties of BCS and the mind. The recently published book “LIFE on MIND – in Search of the Physical Basis” (see suggests experimental and theoretical ways to make life a part of physics.
Savely Savva

December 22, 2007 1:22 PM  

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