December 01, 2007

From Ken Wright:

Re: Drastic diet may extend human life, study finds (Nov. 15): While I appreciated the article I did see where you didn’t go far enough. Yes it is true that if we eat less we will have a healthier lifestyle but where it didn’t go far enough is the question of “What we should eat and how much?”

The correct amount we should put into our stomachs is how much food we can place in our cupped hands. Because that is approximately the size of our stomachs. This quantity is pre-cooked. (Maureen Solaman. All your health questions answered). Next we have to ask, “What do we put into our systems?” Rev. Dr. George Malkmus in his book “Gods Way to Ultimate Health.” Talks about a diet that that is totally raw food energy combined with juicing. It is a 500 page manual on healthy eating and combines fresh raw vegetables juiced as well as solid raw fruit and vegetables. This diet is absolutely amazing and is what our bodies were originally designed to eat and drink. This diet has been tested and re tested scientifically for its authenticity. It is simple and it works. I myself have tried it and in fact I am on it at present. I have multiple health problems and should have died years ago. I am 68yrs. old but people say I only look in my 50’s I have a full head of hair with only a litte grey in it and I am increasing in health all the time. Although I am not fully healed yet I am along way ahead of what the doctors have prescribed for me.

I had terminal prostrate cancer which the Doctors said they cannot operate, a very unstable angina which airline companies refuse to allow me to board because I was too bad a risk, and various other problems. The other question is the problem with blocked veins and arteries. Most of the stroke and heart problems arise from these arterial routes being blocked, and this is a major problem. I am happy to inform you that I have had fewer angina attacks since I have been monitering what I have been putting into my mouth and am able to walk a short distance which may not sound very much to you. But when you consider the state of my skeleton it is a miracle. I have ostio arthritis of the lumber spine, the right hip and knee and have worn all the vertebraes from the neck down to the tail bone. So all in all, I am getting better and hope to have a long and sickness free life. Malkmus also goes into the problem omeat, fish, fish, and chicken. He allows these things but only sparingly as we get sufficient protien in the vegetables.


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