December 21, 2007

From Linda Probert:

Re: Where dreams are made (Sept. 10, 2004): I have read your article on dreaming and brain injury with interest. It may be of interest to your readers that in 1957 I had an adverse reaction to a whooping cough vaccine at the age of 11 months. I was comatose with a left hemi-paresis for 2 days and then apparently recovered. I was subsequently diagnosed with epilepsy and treated with drugs until at the age of 42 when I underwent a right temporal lobe removal which cured the epilepsy overnight. I have always worked full time and never had any sick leave due to my problem. My short term memory significantly improved after surgery.

However, I have never dreamed normally, although I can remember a few nightmares which I can still recall from childhood.

If anyone has any comments on this information, compared to the stroke victim report, I would be interested to hear from them.


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