January 15, 2008

From Aju Mukhopadhyay:

Re: Did insects take down T. rex? (Jan. 4): I find that this finding by the scients is very thought provoking. It tells about the evolution of birds due to their short existence in one life. This takes us to the question of Indian rebirth theory- it seems that there is some authority which decides about the duration of life, about the evolution and through these we go to the philosophical idea of Sri Aurobindo that the evolution is actually of consciousness and not just of physical existence which means simply that the mightiest only exists. Surely insects are of negligible consequece to the mightest dinosaurs. Who creates these blooming flowers and brings insects into existence at a particular point of time? I don’t very simply say that it is God but then it is sure that all these are decided somewhere at the supramental level. We may, like the scientists, do some post mortem research and try to find something. On the whole the things are very thought provoking indeed.


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