January 29, 2008

From Catherine Greenup:

Re: Claim of alien cells in rain may fit historical accounts: study (Jan. 22): Yes I could believe that might be possible. Life on earth had to come from somwhere afteall and there had to be a beginning of some kind of spark to bring about any kind of living organisum. Fascinating really.

I wonder about the “Big Bang” theory. Something from seemingly nothing. I’m a Spiritualist not a scientist; but we Spiritualist’s tend to believe in alternative universes which are linked in very special ways yet seperate. We believe that spirit (those who have died) must push through a dark vail which surrounds our level of existance to communicate with us on the earth plane. I sometimes wonder was the big bang some kind of powerful force that pushed its way through the vail of one universe to create another universe. A powerful positive energy source. I know that magatisum plays a very important role in both worlds.

Well It’s a thought I suppose. Sorry if I sound off my rocker - but ancient men would have throught their companions were off their rocker to believe a man could fly like a bird or talk through a machine to someone thousands of miles away; even in space. Who knows???


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