January 29, 2008

From Elizabeth Hensley:

Re: Claim of alien cells in rain may fit historical accounts: study (Jan. 22):

Tiny widdle aliens in the red, red rain!
Just what you are, scientists can’t explain.
You go a pitta a patting to the pretty, placid ground, The weirdest little creatures for a billion miles around!

Did Jesus make you up in cold, cold space?
Ten million miles above us in a wild and secret place?
Did you reach our planet riding on a meteor’s rocky side?
A riding rocks is poky but a jazzy way to ride!

I’m glad the cosmos has you! Such a kooky thing to be!
That our questions aren’t all answered and our thoughts can frolic free.
You might have tortured Pharaoh several thousand years ago
When concepts of Human freedoms were not true and were not so.

ET’s and freedom seekers might have slain a common foe
When a crazy shepherd had a dream to “let my people go!”
‘Cause a billion little aliens fell and bloodied Egypt’s ancient seas.
I stand before the cosmos free to think and live, and worship as I please!

Elizabeth Hensley


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