January 15, 2008

From Paul S. Hinman:

Re: Shrinking helium reserves may threaten more than kids’ play (Jan. 5): In the 60’s there was a helium plant that extracted He from a natural gas well that contained some CO2, a bit of He and mostly N2. They removed the CO2 chemically, dried the feed gas and then fed it into an expansion turbine which resulted in liquid nitrogen and gaseous helium. Las time I drove through that part of the country the helium plant was in a state of deconstruction and was obviously not in any condition to produce helium. Does anybody know what happened to the plant? It was about 9 miles north of Swift Current, Saskatchewan on the #4 highway.

Paul S. Hinman - VE6LDS
long West 113 deg 27 min 20 sec
lat North 53 deg 27 min 3 sec
Maidenhead Locator DO33g


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