January 15, 2008

From Taylor Hallman:

Re: Why we feel “slow motion” during crisis (Dec. 11): I read your article with great interest. As a combat veteran and as someone involved in several automobile accidents, I was surprised by your results. My experience run counter to your experimental results. Each time I experienced this phenomena I was very clear aware during the event that time was slowed down and recall thinking to myself “Wow, time is slowed down!” In combat I felt as if I were John Wayne. I was hyper aware of my surroundings; as one example I saw a enemy soldier raising his weapon to fire at us, but because everything was slowed I had time to move passed a fellow soldier and bring my weapon to bare on the enemy before he could complete his action. In another example, I rolled a car over at 75 mph and was able due to slowing effect to keep my head, arms and legs from going out the open windows. I was very aware of observing this at the moment, not in memory. My theory has been that it was an effect of adrenalin.

Perhaps I misunderstand your research.

Regardless, thank you for the information.


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