February 10, 2008

From Betty J.Rodman:

Re: Girl changes blood type, immune system (Jan. 25): The girl whose blood-type changed and no longer needs medication to prevent organ rejection is indeed a miracle. I believe her desire to live has something to do with her miracle. (Change your thinking, change your life. ) The mind controls the body. Humans have the God given ability to change their biology by their thoughts and the things they choose to dwell upon. This means that you can change your DNA.

There are medical miracles that go unnoticed all the time. Whenever a miracle is observed; we naturally want to discover how it happened, or try to explain it away, or take credit for it. If we would spend more time learning about energy healing, quantum physics, and our natural hidden powers; we could more readily grasp the concept of miracles and healing.

Betty J.Rodman H.H.C.P.
M.I.N.D.S. consultant
Holistic Counseling
Falmouth, MA 02540


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