February 10, 2008

From Diane Kearny:

Re: A function for “gay genes” after all? (Feb. 8, 2008): This article seems to be clearly defining Transsexuals but mistakenly confusing them as being gay. Even in the article it states the point that these subjects do not interact sexually with each other but with ‘straight’ men. That is a transsexual behavior model and not a gay one. Once again we are linked to being ‘gay’ and no wonder since we have been thrown under the GLBT cloak of sexual orientation and ‘trans’ confusion.

Why is it assumed that transsexuals, (as research has indicated have brains opposite in gender than their physical genitalia), are somehow homosexual? It would seem obvious that most of them would be attracted to the opposite sex than that of their brain. How is that being gay? Fact is as supported by most professionals that gender and sexual orientation are not the same thing so why then does this ‘research’ article seem to indicate otherwise?

Take note of the comparison between ‘altruistic’ males and ‘autogynephilic’ males. Were the Blanchard, Bailey and Lawrence trio asked for contributions I wonder? This is supposed to be valid research... how so might I ask?

Point: Altruistic is a description of unselfish behavior and autogynephilia is simply the need to mimic the genitalia of the opposite sex, a fetishism gone to the extreme at times. How in God’s name did researchers ever come to the conclusion and/or suggestion that somehow a person might be able to change from being one to the other as if an option when transsexuals know that it was never choice but a driven need. Someone must have talked with Michael Bailey about his nonsensical book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen’, and taken most of his discredited statements as being factual in application to all transsexuals.

Gender bending is a term that appropriately belongs to the transgender elements and not to those who identify as transsexual since most HBS/TS’s I know did not bend their genders but did all they could to change their genitalia to match their inborn gender. A homosexual by the way would abhor such an act since his or her issue is sexual orientation and not bringing his or her genital sex into conformity with their gender identity.

Your use of the ‘gender bending’ term is a reflection of your bias. It is a derogatory term if applied to transsexuals although a common one applied to transgender who move in and out of gender moods and urges. Surprises me that you did not wrongly include transsexuals as somehow being a ‘sub-set’ under the transgender social construct to further add to the confusion.

This research article as I see it is constructive poppycock for it links two categories, (gay and transsexuals), together as if somehow the same when the evidence clearly shows that not to be true.

Before you expand on this article and what it seems to be fostering perhaps you should access the following site first and get an idea of what we are and what we are not: www.harrybenjaminsyndrome-info.org.


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