February 10, 2008

From Michael Mcintyre:

Re: A new geologic epoch-started by us (Jan. 25): How about agiocene? (agio = Greek >Italian: change; a fee charged by money brokers [changers] for exchanging money). In any case, it will be the awaited Age of Aquarius, the water bearer, because by standard geology, when land ice melts or slides into ocean (including the already moved south and slowed Gulf Stream ) earthquakes previously suppressed inevitably occur. Last summer small earthquakes in West Greenland occurred for first time on record for this reason, according to UK Observer in early September (only 1-3 Richter so far). UK Independent on October 2nd reported 22c temperatures in Greenland in July, in previous years usually about 5c, and that there was rain at the North Pole. Doesn’t the last sound like it ought to be a Big Story of 2007? In a contemporaneous pretty article about Greenland’s ice from above, UK Independent also reports morels big enough to fly a helicopter into.


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