February 10, 2008

From Rebecca Smith:

Re: A common ancestor for all blue-eyed people (Jan. 31): Very interesting observation by Hans Eiberg, etc. Briefly, I will only state what I believe to be fact. NOT all of human kind evolved from the Ape. Not all of us started with ‘Brown eyes”... the Fallen Angels had blue eyes... . ALL Angels have blue eyes! The Greek (gods) had blue eyes! The so called “switch” most likely occurred when those ABOVE came down and ‘seeded’ us (mated with what was here) with their genetic code or gene (and blue eyes). Let’s call them the Blue Eyed Adepts! It’s really simple, but physical Science is a little behind, because it bases everything just on Nature, and there is more to it than cycles. Nature is too slow, so... Intelligent intervention or deliberate interruption into the species on Earth is a more likely Truth and Cause.


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