April 18, 2008

From Felix Tymcik:

Re: Brain found to prepare decisions in advance (April 15): It sounds a bit premature to me to conclude about the lack of our free will. Tell jet fighter pilotes about it. I don’t know the test methods, but when you make complex decisions you can feel the decision slowly “bubbling up”.

There is a process of calculation going on which ultimately should lead to an emotion of certainty. Where do they put the moment of the conscious decision here? The moment the button is pushed? In conflict situations more than one result are considered and the body is prepared for both (or all) of them, so ultimately the strongest signal triggers, which takes time to push through. Training eliminates or weakens doubts by simplifying the path to decision, speeding thus up the outer result. Even when we are not aware of the real moment of the decision, does it render us to puppets? Who thinks then? Don’t tell me my brain is certain before I am ;)


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